Bathroom Furniture – White Themes For A Unified Look

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Guest Post Jason Phillips

Designing your bathroom and fitting in furniture can be a challenge, since many bathrooms have limited space. You want to create a room that is comfortable and functional, and not too overcrowded. One theme which is gaining popularity is the use of a white gloss [...]

5 POSH Hollywood Regency Ideas

The Hollywood Regency style has become popular with those people who want the luxurious feel for their homes, but also love to entertain color, and anything new and fresh.

You can have this look in your own home, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are a few quick tips [...]

Bamboo Floors for Bamboo Lovers

Furniture collectors and seekers buy bamboo for many reasons: it’s durable, attractive and different. These are three great reasons you should consider purchasing and putting in bamboo floor!

·    Not only do they have a rich color that compliments any style of home but you can find different shades that fit your home’s personality [...]

6 Types Of Bamboo Furniture To Buy For Your Home

Used as a desk or as a vanity, the Collette makes a stunning accent in a bedroom, office or living space. 

There are many types of furniture that can be made out of bamboo. Since it is a renewable resource and a hardy type of material to make furniture from, it is quite popular [...]