Furnishing A New Home

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When you move into your first property, or you move from one house to the next, you’ll have lots of decisions to make on the style and type of décor you’re going to choose for the new place.

Obviously, if it’s your first property, you’ll have less furniture to bring with you than you would if you’d already owned a property for a number of years. It’s easier to decide on a theme for the whole of your new home, and decorate and furnish it accordingly, if you don’t have any major pieces of furniture to include in the new scheme. But this is also a possibility for people who have owned property in the past. Furniture is so reasonably priced today, that it’s feasible to start from scratch with a new furnishing theme and leave behind any pieces of furniture that you no longer like.

Of course, the middle way is to take some of your old furniture with you, and gradually change it to your new choice of style as and when you can afford it. Either way, it’s a good idea to live with a house for a few months or even longer, to decide exactly what kind of look you want it to have.

100 year old home of Melissa Hawks founder of The Well Appointed House Furnishing A New Home100 year old home of Melissa Hawks, founder of The Well Appointed House

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So even if you think your current dining chairs have seen better days, decide if they’re still functional enough to move from the old house for a short period while you choose which kind of new dining set you’d like. You might decide it’s better to make a choice for a new dining table and chairs now, and save the hassle of having to get rid of the old stuff after you’ve moved. There are some fantastic oak dining tables on offer today, which range from the very traditional to the very contemporary in style, and many of them with dining chairs included as a set.

If you’re in two minds about keeping certain pieces of furniture when you move, look into how easy it will be to get rid of it when you replace it. Do you plan to sell it on ebay, or give it away to a charity which collects old furniture and redistributes it to people in need? Check whether any organisations like that operate in the area that your new home is located in.

The important thing to do when buying new furniture for your new property is to avoid making snap decisions that you may live to regret a couple of years down the line.

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